Healthier Habits in 30 Weeks

Learn how to make being healthy a habit and change your life in the process with this challenge starting in January!

Without the stress that most diets give you.


  • Walking for miles and hours at a time without pain
  • Eating things like spinach and lentils (AND LIKING IT!)
  • No longer wanting dessert
  • Reversing the chronic pain issues
  • Feeling happy and wanting to go places
  • Being full after eating a small meal
  • Sleeping normally
  • Having normal blood tests
  • Getting off your medications
  • Blood pressure being normal
  • Losing a lot of weight
  • Having confidence in yourself
  • Reducing anxiety and depression

This is all possible, because this is exactly what happened for me when I did this challenge! I didn't count calories or carbs. I didn't jump into some crazy diet and exercise program. And I wasn't stressed or overwhelmed at all doing this!

All it took was one email a week and one small step at a time to create huge changes in my habits and health.

Don't miss out on this chance to change your habits for good.

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